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Christian Progressive Rock


Living Water - released June 2011
Transitions -released Nov 2015

Christian Progressive Rock
The Progressive Rock Genre of the 70's and 80's also known as "Art Rock" often used the musical structure from a classical approach. Longer compositions having repeating themes and ever changing musical expressions were common. Some compositions were even divided into movements and the lyrics could tell a story. Experimentation and exploring of new recipes for creating music did not lend itself to the fast food commercial appeal to mass audiences. Music Videos drew a close to an era with the rise of punk and short pop driven songs. FM has become the AM of the 70's with AM mostly now just talk radio. With the Internet the "New prog scene" is on the rise. The Internet radio station can now feature entire Album releases. Album rock is back.
The term "Album Rock" was used by some because FM radio at the time might feature an entire album side as one uninterrupted song. "Arena Rock" was another tag name because at the height of this music movement, the artists live shows could fill arena's and create an auditory and visual experience that has since been limited to only a few successful artists with the longevity provided by devoted fans. 

Angelic Noise Music Publishing


  • Ralph Otteson
  • Steve Gourley
  • Allen White
  • Rich Reif
  • Todd Peterson

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