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Time Horizon: Transitions 2015

 Time Horizon: Living Water 2011
Rocktopia Magazine (Great Brittan)
"I suppose that the really important question is, are they any good? Thankfully I can answer with a resounding "Yes!" to that query, and if you have a penchant for melodic, AOR inspired prog, then I'm certain that you will too. The band themselves cite their influences as a mixture of Kansas, Boston, Styx, Spock's Beard, Saga and Neal Morse, and to be fair they have it pretty much spot on" ......"I can listen to over and over without ever tiring of"
~Steven Reid
Sea of Tranquility:
"If you like the message delivered by Neal Morse and other spiritual artists, you will enjoy this album. It is full of those inspirational and spiritual lyrics with wonderful music supporting. If you enjoyed CPR Volume 3, please experience the full magic of this band's ability by buying this album. Your support for clean water should be enough of a reason to purchase the album, and the music is a wonderful way to experience the message delivered within this CD. Ken Westphal's cover art is simply amazing! "
~Mark Johnson
BackGround Magazine (Netherlands) 
"Time Horizon, a band that surprised me very much with their superb album . Time Horizon are a good example of an American band influenced by European outfits like Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis and at the same time sound like typical American progressive rock groups.  Hopefully this new line-up will record a strong follow-up album in the near future, since I would love to hear more of their music on a regular basis. Highly recommended!"
 **** Henri Strik

Prognaut Magazine
"All in all, this is a solid debut from a band that I hope to hear more of in the future. While listening to this CD multiple time in preparation for this review, It occurred to me that Time Horizon may just fill a musical void for those folks who don't care for the current trend towards heavier, darker music in the current prog-rock scene."
Reviewed by Jeff Matheus
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